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Phlebotomy Technician – A Truly Rewarding Career!

The career of a phlebotomy technician is hugely rewarding. Phlebotomists, in fact, are those who draw blood from your body when you are required to get a blood sample drawn for any kinds of tests prescribed by your physician. You can see lot of people starting from kids to elderly people and will support them in their samples of blood. You may also need to explain the process to the patients since a lot of people have plenty of questions of what you may be doing because it affects the health. There is little paperwork which will be comprised and you will have to communicate with doctors. Well, to work in the lab as phlebotomy technicians are quite appealing to many.

About the Job Profile

You might feel that a phlebotomy technician works only in a laboratory but you will find them at hospitals, clinics, nursing houses, and also home-bound patient. You will see yourself in a spot deal with just doctors as well as other staffs of the hospital or you will see yourself talking and journeying with patients personally.

Completely Rewarding Job

The salary of a phlebotomy technician is quite good as well. An average salary in U.S is almost $24,000. Well, the rate can differ depending upon the part of the nation you want to settle in to look for the work. The schooling which you may need to do are actually minimal in comparison to numerous other jobs. You may complete this certification within a year or so. This is really amazing because the amount of money you will earn in this career really makes this job very rewarding. To become such a technician is not meant for all because this job requires complete dedication from your end. However if at all you feel that you love to work with the patients, a bit of stress in job due to working in demand as well as deadlines, then you will see that being a Phlebotomist is ideal for you.

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